Designing the Client Experience

Yesterday at Conscious Connections, Kristin Slice of Empowered Lab Communications presented on personal leadership.  The room was filled with conscious women business owners–and many of them one-woman shops.

For those of us who have a background in marketing, we relied on our knowledge of product development and brand when starting our business. We (ideally) spent a lot of time in Stephen Covey’s “Quadrant 2” to do that important, foundational marketing work.

Kristin reminded me, however, that not everyone has done these things from the get-go. Or even designed their client experiences.

What does leadership have to do with designing the client experience? If we lead our businesses (and ourselves!) for the purpose of growing our bottom line, it is our clients’ satisfied experiences that drive repeat business and create word of mouth and referrals.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense we would spend time to DESIGN a service experience that will yield high levels of satisfaction–vs. leave it to chance. I realize this is a challenge as we busily attempt to attract, connect, close, and serve–at the tactical level.  We often might not do this as strategically as we could in our haste to meet our numbers, pay the bills, or succeed.

Sometimes we are too busy with “promoting our business” (what some people call marketing) and doing the work that we forget to purposefully design the customer experience. And that includes measuring it also. They are two sides of the same coin you could say.  Design, execute, measure, adapt. It’s a bigger subject than it looks like on the surface when you look at the entire spectrum of what needs to be done around customer experience. It relates to brand, too. Sound overwhelming? That’s why it’s the Day 18 challenge for #30DaysofQ2.

Have you spent time designing your customer experience? Have you noticed a difference in your bottom line by making the commitment to this Quadrant 2 activity?


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