Offering to Help Others

Bringing our strengths and skills to the forefront and offering to help others is one of the greatest win-wins.

Unfortunately, with all the busy-ness, we can forget to reach out. Or think we don’t have enough time to help. Or think they wouldn’t value or need our help.

You never know! We don’t have crystal balls.

We never know who is waiting to receive our help!
We never know who is waiting to receive our help!

Some people spend the majority of their time helping others. This is admirable as long as they are taking care of themselves and asking for what they need too. If their helpfulness is coming from a place of love vs. attachment, all the better.

In the meantime, carving out time to help (or offering to help) is an important but often not urgent activity. That’s the #30DaysofQ2 challenge on this Day 17.

If you need further evidence of how impactful giving to others is, check out Adam Grant’s book Give and Take.

Think you don’t have enough time to help or feeling burnt out already? The Conrey Callahan anecdote covered in this Forbes article (scroll down to #2) show the counter-intuitive logic of giving anyway and succeeding.