Personality in Business

I love Kelleye Crane’s interview “Salty and Successful” with Jeremy Pepper, long-time blogger, PR expert, and current director of communications and social media for Palisade Systems.

Crane asks important questions that, for me, point to concerns about personality and identity in business. Namely, “do you attract clients and employers who accept and embrace the real you?”

Pepper says, “for better or worse, I’m true to myself.”  I guess regardless of success levels, there can be peace in that, for those who dare to be blunt.  But when it comes to choosing, I wonder if all of us have the luxury.

Can you be both outspoken and successful, or do you have to be sucessful first to be able to be outspoken?

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2 thoughts on “Personality in Business”

  1. Interesting topic. I believe that success does not have a universal secret formula. It comes in all shapes and sizes. However, being outspoken directly to one’s market will put a company on people’s radar. Good intent, liking clients, and passion are critical.

  2. Tracy Diziere

    Well said, Sally! I especially agree with your last sentence. Definitely need those 3 things.

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