Quote of the Day: DIY

“Focus on what you do best
and pay someone to do the rest.”

I’m on my soapbox today about doing it yourself, or DIY.  Lately, I’ve seen too many small business owners trying to do it all and once they’ve wasted too much time and money on non-essential tasks, they contact me for help.  Not an ideal situation for any of us.

As a small business owner, I beg you: Do not go to seminars to learn how to do web design yourself.  That goes for social media marketing, CRM system development, and a host of other specialized activities too.  When it comes to these marketing and technology activities, my advice is “Focus on what you do best and pay someone to do the rest” before it’s too late.  It’s ok to learn some basic skills but don’t overburden yourself by trying to become something other than the owner.  A large part of your job is delegating and the sooner you develop that skill, the better off you will be.

Note: I don’t publish a quote every day, but some days have a quote associated with them.  This is the quote/mantra for today.