Sleep: More Important than We Think, Probably

Sleep is an important activity that we might be underestimating in terms of impact on productivity. That’s why it is the Day 15 challenge of #30DaysofQ2.  (Whoaaa, we’re halfway there!)

We don’t always think of sleep as important as we should, especially if we are getting 6 hours of it. In fact, subjects getting 6 hours of sleep in a University of Pennsylvania study “didn’t rate their sleepiness as being all that bad, even as their cognitive performance was going downhill” (Fast Company).  This points to the inability or reluctance to recognize sleep as a game-changer in our productivity.

Can we give ourselves permission to sleep during the day?

Furthermore, according to the article, “The CDC has called lack of sleep a health problem, and for good reason. Diet, exercise, mental health, and physical health all affect our ability to sleep, and in return, our ability to perform to our best.”

The takeaway? With all the urgent pressures (hello, moms) and other quadrants grabbing a limb and pulling, our health must come first. Sleep is a key to that. The challenge is (sometimes) giving ourselves permission as solopreneurs/self-employed folks with flexible schedules to take a nap (gasp!).

How are you doing with fulfilling the need for sleep? Do you take naps during the day sans guilt as needed?


1 thought on “Sleep: More Important than We Think, Probably”

  1. Great topic/blog. As a solopreneur I feel more guilty for trying to produce quality work under the feeling of faux – wakeful under the influence of several cups of coffee (which not only keep me up, but also creates unwanted jitters). So, I allow myself a nap. Sometimes life circumstances will call for both a nap and coffee (the latter in moderation). My focus is stronger after a nap and I find I make better decisions when rested.

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