Planning for an Expense: Day 9 of #30DaysofQ2

Financial planning. Budgeting. Forecasting. The most organized, business savvy folks wouldn’t DREAM of not planning when it comes to money. And yet the solopreneurs I speak to sometimes are not planning for an expense.

What I mean by this is they have not thought about what they would like to spend on a given service. Without this knowledge, they are wasting their own time as well as the other service providers’.

planning for an expense
Taking time to consider your range and adding up what that looks like is a Q2 activity.

Let’s all do each other a favor and decide what range we are comfortable with. Disclosing that is another story, for a future post. But for now, knowing our minimum–what would make us RUN in fear of low-quality–and our maximum–what would make us say NO immediately because we don’t see the value–is an important but not urgent activity.

If you don’t plan for expenses at the macro-level, do you identify ranges when considering services?