How to Develop a Plan to Update Your Website Content

How to Develop a Plan to Update Your Website Content for Solopreneurs

Looking to develop a plan to update your website content–either on your own or with some outside help? Most of us know there’s dated content on our sites. If we look at updating our content, we’ll be able to re-post, re-promote and ultimately add value to our audiences. We may even find inspiration for new content. But first, we’ve got to find the pages that need our attention and develop a plan.

(1) Create an XML sitemap

Traditionally used for SEO purposes, the XML sitemap will extract all the existing pages of your website. This will give you a clear picture of your website content.

(2) Convert the XML sitemap to CSV or Excel using

  • Use CSV if you want to import to Google Sheets (great for collaborating)
  • Use XLS if you just want to work in Excel

(3) Add your headings and develop your plan of attack

  • This might be as simple as an “Update” column or if you plan to outsource or collaborate, you can add Priority, Assigned to, Due Date, Changes Needed, Notes, etc.
  • When prioritizing, it’s a good idea to look at your Google Analytics data

That’s my quick process for developing a plan to update clients’ (and my own) web content. Did I miss anything? Anyone want to weigh in with detailed advice or other processes?