What We Can Learn From Rockstars

Rockstars have magnetism and devoted fans–both good things for small businesses. Here’s my brief rundown of what we can learn from them:

1. It’s all about the show. Whatever’s going on behind the scenes doesn’t matter when we hit the stage.
2. Sometimes the leaders must pull the weight and/or create a distraction so the others can take a break.
3. Humility goes a long way with a crowd. So does insecurity and modesty if you can find a way to work that in. Occasionally. And compliments don’t hurt either.
4. Audience participation is key. Let them (dedicated fans) show they know their stuff. It increases engagement and long-term commitment. It doesn’t hurt to acknowledge newcomers and make them feel welcome too.
5. Find something different to do and flaunt it. I don’t lip synch, we don’t play short, dinky concerts, whatever it is do it and draw attention to it. People leave repeating it.
6. Make every crowd feel like the best – or at least unique in something. Acknowledge them for that.
7. Introduce spontaneity to keep yourself and your team motivated and entertained.
8. Recognize your opening acts and highlight their strengths. If they fit with your values and you can explain that, even better.
9. Care about something and make sure your fans know what it is. It might be a cause or it might just the favorite song you wrote. But say it loud, long, and strong.
10. Pick the right tool for the job and don’t be afraid to change it up. Sometimes it’s a gut thing, sometimes it’s for show and sometimes it’s a necessity.

That’s it! Rock on, entrepreneurs!