Focusing on Your Purpose: Part 1

With a title like “Focusing on Your Purpose,” you might expect a very long post. But it’s Saturday night and another Q2 activity awaits–watching a movie with my husband. So, I’ll keep it simple and address the idea in parts.

I came into the awareness this week that I have been ignoring my purpose. Well, maybe not ignoring it but not embracing it. Not allowing it to take center stage. Eschewing the idea that I really could do this big, very different thing.

This week I was presented with a new description of myself . . . or so I thought, until I did some digging. I was confronted with the idea that I might be (I shudder even to say it) an inspirational speaker.  I found evidence of “inspiration” being important to me in my previous “efforts” to uncover the problem of MY right work. I just had not really heard myself.

It seems the writing has been on the wall all along:

• From my Personal Mission Statement in 2014: ” To lead and inspire others to lead an authentic, happy, and helpful life.”
• When asked what my soul craves on 2/1/16 at Hit Pause, I said and honed in on “to inspire others in some way.”

So: Time to stop resisting!

Inspiration has been a wish, a dream, a passing thought. Now I’m faced with the challenge of doing. Making it a reality. Trying to isolate the fear and tell myself new stories. To make it so. And trust the world will not end because I am focusing on my purpose.

All this is the challenge for today–Day 13 of #30Days0fQ2. Making the time to search the personal history for the threads of meaning. Connecting the dots. And finally, creating the space and giving the permission for change.