BPM Research, Small Business, and a Forrester Survey

Although my clients typically aren’t banging the door down for process change and oftentimes are focused on other things, I’m always trying to (re-)focus on the business of doing business.  This means building repeatable processes and tools to support them to lessen the workload and prevent waste.  (Part of the foundations of business.)

I suspect that many small business leaders do not have, think they need, or can afford a business process management (BPM) professional–unless perhaps they are from the process world or in manufacturing.  (Would you agree?)  Market research to uncover small business use of, requirements for, and opinions about BPM and related methodologies and technologies (e.g., Lean, Six Sigma, TQM, ERP, CRM, BPM, or BI to Business Process Transformation and Continuous Improvement initiatives) is something I’d like to see.

For those who have large organizations or for IT executives, managers, and business process professionals within large organizations, you can participate in a Forrester survey/self-assessment tool to determine where your organization is with respect to four must-have process change capabilities: 1) strategy; 2) process execution; 3) structure; and 4) culture of performance.

Connie Moore, VP and Research Director, and Alex Peters, Principal Analyst, at Forrester Research have launched this 10-minute survey to get a better understanding of how companies drive business process change initiatives to success.  Forrester believes that each business process change initiative should start with a readiness assessment of the target organization.

If you provide valid answers to all questions, you will receive the results summary (a maturity score, I believe) and a Forrester report to be published in Q1 on this topic.  Here are the survey links:

http://deploy.ztelligence.com/start/survey/survey_taking.jsp?PIN=15YY8379MF5PY or http://bit.ly/cEM8b7

Update: The survey has closed.