What are Creative PartneringTM Engagements?

Creative Partnering™ Engagements are customized, 3-month "sprints" that produce action aligned with vision, goals, and values.  The possibilities are limitless, as are the situations in which we work with entrepreneurial-minded leaders--whether founders, intrapreneurs, or business leaders.  Creative Partnering Engagement clients reach out to us when they:

  • Find themselves trying to do too much on their own--and not accomplishing enough
  • Face a new challenge or possibility and see only few pathways--or perhaps no way out
  • Procrastinate an important decision or action because they can't see all the potential steps--or the first step to take
  • Want to bring an idea to life and need help refining, testing, and launching it
  • Need to step up their game with respect to profitability or productivity

Creative Partnering Engagements allow you to breakthrough to action--with outside perspective, non-judgment, trial and error, and a lot of out-of-the-box options! With a "creative partner" on your side, you’ll go farther, faster toward execution or solution.

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